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Enloe PTSA Annual Fund

Enloe PTSA enhances academic programs, supports teachers and staff, and fosters a sense of community. We also fund and organize many of the amazing programs offered at Enloe. To do this, we need your support!
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We are #BetterTogether!

Bylaws Addendum: Non-Sufficient Funds Policy

The return of a check issued to the William G. Enloe High School PTSA will result in the individual incurring the bank fees applied to the local unit’s account and re-submitting the original amount due in cash or certified check.  The individual will be contacted through phone, email or in person to resolve the matter in a reasonable time frame.

    Enloe PTSA Annual Fund 2018/19


Our fundraising goal is $35,000 this year. The PTSA Annual Fund (formally the Phantom Fundraiser) is a NO FUSS FUNDRAISER. There is nothing to sell and 100% of your donation is tax deductible. In recent years, there has been an Enloe family who has generously funded the Teacher Grant program. That family has moved on and it's now up to all of us to help out and maintain this important program. We understand that every family’s financial situation is unique. No amount is too big or too small. Every gift counts, and every gift is appreciated! 
Did you know?
*The state hasn’t provided schools with money for textbooks in over ten years
*It costs $1000 to print one issue of the student newspaper
*One TI-83 Calculator costs on average $85
*It costs about $100 to provide one day of substitute coverage for a teacher

With your contributions, last year the PTSA was able to finance:
  TEACHER GRANTS   The bulk of your donation and the PTSA budget is spent on supporting our teachers. Last year, PTSA funded new equipment for the performing arts program, calculators for math and science classes, professional development for teacher, student clubs, at-risk student resources, study guides for AP and IB classes, student publications and more.

  STAFF APPRECIATION   Supporting our teachers shows how much we as a community value all the time and effort they put toward teaching our students. The PTSA sponsors various lunches, coffees, a Holiday Tea, and small tokens of appreciation throughout the year.

  EVENTS   From Flight School and Open House to Meet the Teacher Night, Homecoming and Senior Reflections, joining together to create a community and stay informed is critical to the success of our school. The PTSA supports these events financially and through volunteer recruitment.

  BUILDINGS & GROUNDS   Keeping our facilities fresh, safe and inviting is important to school morale. PTSA sponsors campus clean-up days and students, parents, and teachers make these days fun and rewarding!

We understand that every family’s financial situation is unique. No amount is too big or too small. Every gift counts, and every gift is appreciated!

Enloe PTSA EIN 56-1684469.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Teresa Jones fundraising@enloeptsa.com